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I am an Intuitive Therapist with an integrated approach. Many years of Medical Assisting and Home care lead me on a path of growth and understanding.

Feeling a calling after years of Management and retail work brought me back to assisting  further in Wellness.  I love my work and it is a passion of mine. Layering


the level of care and experience one can benefit more, sharing that can change the world. I have written a book with the intention of supporting others to do this work as well. Some of the techniques I offer have helped me and I felt training and continued education would benefit my clientele as well. I love to create things and make pure products. I offer creative outlet classes that allow you to make healing shifts with ease and grace. DIY classes, Make and take, Couples Guided Massage, Events, Guided Mediation, Employee appreciation, Dream catchers, Vision boards and more.

-Christina Boggs

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